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15 July 2010 @ 03:40 pm
i've slowly lost wieght without even trying for some reason, but recently I've given up fish, eggs and milk (I didn't eat meat before other than fish). I do not want to call myself a vegan, because I would be a vegetarian if cheese and milk didnt make me fat. I also work at a gelato shop and had to do something so that I wouldnt ALLOW myself to eat ice cream all day. So far, I've slowly gone from 170 last year to 150 this year. I've also started an exercise regiment, but kinda lacking on the cardio cuz its so hot out. I only have a month until I go to Hawaii for a wedding (i want to lose more weight for that of course) but my wedding is also a year from now. I want to at least be 130 lbs by then, and hopefully that will happen at this rate. I feel pretty good, and junk food doesnt tempt me as much anymore. Lowering my portions/ reducing how many times i eat a day has been good as well. Just gotta take exercise more seriously, but i gotta start somewhere! Don't give up you guys! No matter how long it takes!
15 March 2010 @ 01:47 am
Two miles in 19 and a half minutes. Not bad, not bad. Granted I thought I was going to die when I stopped and staggered into an alley and dry heaved until I noticed a homeless man as my visibly uncomfortable audience. Then I felt bad and trotted away, I looked like just another St. Patty's Day drunk hurling...festively...

I made portabella mushroom sandwiches last night for dinner- rid the mushrooms of the gills before sauteeing them shortly in red wine, olive oil, and a little salt and pepper. I sauteed red bell peppers and onions in nothing but olive oil and placed them on top of the portabellas and laid a slice of provolone on each and stuck them under the broiler for a few minutes. Toasted the bread and slathered half of it with pesto, added a slice of tomato and a handful of fresh spinach. YUM. Tonight I made pasta again with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and pesto. Hi, I'm Italian.

I'm going to take a bus to Green Lake tomorrow and run the entire circumference which is three miles and try to do it in under thirty minutes. Frank and I are going to get up at about 6 AM every day and work out in the hotel's gym and try to be in NYC by 8AM. I seriously love this nike sportsband. I keep discovering more cool things about it. When I hooked it up to transfer the data to my account tonight, I noticed that it grafts your speed along (there's a sensor in my shoe). Love it, love it, love it. I'm getting more confidence in my ability to run the half marathon...when the day comes.

11 March 2010 @ 01:18 am

I feel so good. I bought a NikePlus Sport Band tonight and it is probably one of the coolest little gadgets ever. It functions as a pretty decent looking watch and there's a sensor chip that fits in the bottom of your shoe that links with the watch and you can set it for walking or running.

Then you input your weight and make a profile on the NikePlus website where there are all these super cool applications and tools and things. Such as a route finder in which you can type in a general area/address and it shows several different popular running routes with distance and directions.

And then you go running! And as soon as you take your first stride it starts recording your distance, pace, and calories burned. And then you plug it into the usb of your computer and it automatically sends the info to your profile and records it. Its so coolllll.

I bought it tonight and hurried home to get it going and i was so stoked to learn that I've been running 9 minute miles. I don't know why. I guess because it gives me hope that considering I haven't been active in only the gods know when, being able to jump up and do what took me originally weeks to build up to when I first started running, in just days this time around. Very exciting.

Also, when I tried on the bathing suit today, I was being judgmental as usual on my body but then I looked up at my face and noticed that I look a lot healthier. The yellow circles around my eyes are gone, my skin tone isn't so pallid and I just generally can visibly tell I'm taking better care of myself. Gotta give credit where owed.

I went to Ross today and miraculously found the ONLY athletic swim suit in the entire store IN MY SIZE. Whatttt?! It was originally 80 dollars and I got it for 15. Yes please! Practically free! And then I found some super cheap shorts to cover my ass since the whole spandex pants thing seems to be attracting negative attention and lots of it.

As far as swimming goes, I'm not sure what to do because the Queen Anne pool has 30 minute one on one lessons for 30 bucks a pop...BUT there is a swimming class at my school for 25 dollars for TEN lessons....but....the classes are twice a week at 7 AM...I guess its something to sleep on.

After my run, I made baked fish filets topped with a thin layer of herbs and bread crumbs and wild mushroom raviolli with this great roasted red pepper pesto sauce that I mixed with a little bit of olive oil just for a decent coating. And then I cubed vine ripe tomatoes and tossed them in last minute and a handful of spinach. Topped with a bit of parmesean. And to drink, grapefruit juice cut with sparkling water.

I'm quite pleased with myself.

The race is the main goal, obviously, but I'm hoping to lose the 20 pounds that I've been carrying around with by the time I cross the finish line. Which I will. I WILL cross the finish line and I won't stop running until I do.
09 March 2010 @ 01:57 pm
 Fuck, I'm going running for the first time in a year maybe. I decided it would be smart to commit to a half marathon with less than four months to train. I'm a moron. Here goes.
16 January 2010 @ 08:17 am
Now that we're in the latter half of January, I'm going to start trawling craigslist for one of those swiss exercise balls.  I figure now is about the time that the New Year's resolution makers start to poop out and sell the exercise stuff they bought with the best of intentions.  Right now through March there are a lot of people slipping back into old patterns and making excuses for themselves. 

So, I repeat to myself:  I will not be that girl.

Let's all of us not be that girl this year.
16 January 2010 @ 12:21 am
So I am Pixie, and I'm here for much the reasons you'd expect.

I am a fairly short girl with an ass, thighs and a belly, I would like to decrease the size of all these. I don't have much in the way of tits, but I'm pretty happy about that. I smoke cigarettes like you wouldn't believe, and plan to stop that this year. I'm not exactly averse to physical activity, but once my ass is on the couch I find it pretty hard to motivate it back up again - even to do non strenuous things that I'd like to pursue, like art and housework.

I see my apathy, lack of energy and neglect of the things I'd like to achieve as related to my lack of physical fitness. I want to tackle the problem as one and the same. The goal for this year is to become more of a grown-up - one who looks after her body & appearance, eats well, lives within a budget, AND does some cool fun shit other than watching TV.

Here is a photo of me doing literally the only sport in the entire world that I actually love. I miss snowboarding like a bitch, but I live in Australia so I've just got to suck it up at the moment. I bought a skateboard and have been (halfassedly) trying to use that, but have given up at the moment. It's just so scary a) falling on concrete and b) trying to learn to ride a board that isn't attached to my feet. I'm also going to be trying wakeboarding in the next few weeks.

Cheers if you read all that (or even if you didn't). Hope we can get this comm rocking! Expect forthcoming posts on cheap, healthy, easy to prepare food ideas (i have only a few) and the 'to gym or not to gym' dilemma. Till then!
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10 January 2010 @ 08:29 am
Shit, I have tried to type this entry twice now and my landlady's computer has a very badly placed "back" button on the keyboard that seems to make me lose my entry.  Oh well.  I agree that this community needs to be revived, and I know that last winter flew by quite happily with exercise chemicals.  Some quick background:  I was working out six days a week and on a track to do some competitive Thai boxing around here, then my left knee and ankle started feeling a little funny.  Since I had two quarters left of school, I thought maybe I should take it easy, graduate, and let my leg heal up, then go back and try out for the competition team.  That was almost a year ago.  After a couple months of taking it easy, I realized my leg was not feeling better.  The pain, though not severe, migrated around mostly between my knee and ankle.  I hadn't actually injured myself, but it felt like it would be very easy to do so.  Eventually, I went to a doctor and got a referral for physical therapy.  I haven't had my femurs x-rayed to confirm, but it is very likely that I have the same problem as my Dad whom I physically resemble and have a longer left leg by a significant enough margin to eventually cause pain.

So here's what I think needs to happen to get my body active AND balanced AND able to take a little Thai-style punishment (I love making lists):

1)  Physical therapy exercises for strengthening the leg and keeping the kneecap from wiggling away where it's not supposed to.  I don't go to regular appointments anymore; that shit sure adds up on the bill, and there are people in more acute pain who might need the wacky e-stim machine just to keep from going crazy.  I can keep track and keep disciplined and keep wearing my heel lift in my right shoe on my own.  If I don't, it hurts.  Simple!

2) Some kind of cardio-intensive workout twice a week, then maybe more?  I hate chlorine and there's no saline pools that I would have access to around here, so swimming is out until July, when the lakes will be warm enough for a wuss like me to bear.  I did smoke quite a few cigarettes in my last quarter of school, and weaned myself down to two or three a day, but my conditioning is definitely somewhere between "shameful" and "shit" as a result.  I need to clear out some serious lung-monkeys.  Beyond swimming, though, I haven't been able to figure out a way of getting this kind of huff-and-puff without doing things where my feet impact on pavement.  Any ideas?

3) Boxing-type workout three times a week at home until I start training at the school again.  Shadow-boxing, punching bag stuff, and whatever drills I can remember.  I figure that if I keep working on strengthening my leg at the same time as I ease back in to the kinds of demands I'd like to make of it, then the muscles will rebuild accordingly.  I didn't go to physical therapy so I could get back to a normal level of activity, after all.  I went so I could get back to a near-Batman level of activity, so it seems to me that I should, within reason, start making those demands as soon as possible.  Does that make any damn sense?  Anyone with any suggestions?

One thing that I know really helped me keep the discipline going was making a calendar on a posterboard, hanging it up in my apartment where I had no choice but to look at it every day (facing the bathroom door), and keeping track with different colored sharpies of what nights I trained, what nights I worked out at home, how many sets of which exercise I did, my morning cardio ritual, etc.  Wonderful motivational tool and great record of progress!
24 November 2009 @ 09:34 pm

I want to this woman to beat on my door one lazy morning
"You ready bitch?"
"NO JILLIAN MICHAELS! NOOO!!---Let me get my shoes..."

I'm gonna start training for a half marathon on Thursday...
Awesomely, I live just down the block from 26 mile trail
I want to lose at least 25 lbs by my 22nd birthday in June
Signing up for races definitely helps to motivate
gotta get it tight, gotta get it right
22 November 2009 @ 06:30 pm
Dudes, I'm off to a slow start. Just as I was flaunting my 3 week stint of new-found will power, instead of jumping back into the gym, this weekend I drunkenly gave into a pack of Marlboros and a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream...okay, okay and some french fries...My problem is whenever I fall off the wagon, I get too wrapped up in punishing myself. I also have this fixation with getting everything else around me right and perfect before I can begin pursuing another goal. Ugh. I'm going to start running again Thanksgiving morning and that's that.
18 November 2009 @ 04:26 pm
Photo 146

Let there be a resurgence of rockin_fit_club!

My name is Whitney, I'm 21, I'm 5' 4", 150-155 lbs., and I dwell on the steepest residential hill in Seattle which not-so-kindly reminds me daily of my descent into complacency, oh the irony. At one point in my teen years, I had an epic outtie belly button, my inner thighs lightly caressed each other rather than jarring in passing, and I could wear whatever the hell I wanted. At 16 I started my life as an avid runner, covering 20-25 miles a week. And then I injured my ankle and began smoking and drinking heavily. BUT! I'm 19 days clean of cigarettes and I'm never going back considering how drastically my quality of life has improved in such a short period of time. In sum: I just resurfaced from a lifestyle of decadence and apathy and I'm ready to reestablish my clutch on life's balls.

New friends always welcome. Just let me know. :)

I'm going to attempt to rally in some more people to get this going again. MODs? Are you still alive?
12 July 2009 @ 05:17 pm
makin progress here... rode my bike 10 miles today and yesterday! i plan on doin it everyday. And also, it's really embarrassing, but I record that "shimmy" belly dancing show on the fitness channel and I did that today too! eatin subway and grillin fish. Hopefully this works! just wanted to brag! :) if anyone has any advice, I'd love it! bout anything!
10 July 2009 @ 01:58 pm
Hi, I'm 21 years old, and ive gained ALOT of wight since I met my fiance of 2 years. He is 6'5 and I'm 5'6. I was a little about 130 when we met and I am now about 170. This is by far the fattest ive ever been. More complaining!! hahaCollapse )
29 June 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Hey guys, just joined.

Check out these sites, I thought some of you might be interested:


I'm starting the challenges today! I might have to do wall push-ups though, because I'm a total wimp in my arms, ha ha.
31 March 2009 @ 02:17 pm
Last summer i hit my heaviest weight ever, 200 lbs at only 5'7", after switching my bc to one that would not only be a bc but also (supposedly) help with other problems I was having at that point in time.  Before that, I fluctuated between 140 and 150, depending on if it was swim season and i was toned or not. 
I gained 60 lbs in 4 months; despite doing cardio and aerobics for atleast an hour a day, and weight training every other day; the excess weight was making it literally painful to do any sort of activity due to injuries (more info later on)
super long sorryCollapse )
Anyways, I hope to be posting updates soon, as i would like to become more active again, and am trying hard not to lose hope.

30 March 2009 @ 02:21 pm
Hey everyone: 

I just realized that I'm back to the same weight I was last year around this time and that makes me so sad.  I lost 20ish pounds over the course of the year and thanks to my anxiety meds & Thanksgiving / Christmas plus a lot of boozing I've gained it alll back.
At least last year I had an excuse for it, I had been laid up for months from surgery and eating 3 meals a day with zero exercise.  This time around I have no excuse and I'm beyond fed up with feeling this gross.

I'm not looking to do anything drastic like go on a diet, but I just want to start eating healthier in general.  I plan to cut out fast food as much as possible if not completely and eat more fruits and veggies. 

Also as of today I'm going to the gym for at least an hour and will continue to do so every other day,  On the days that I work I plan to go right after work so there's no chance of my going home and getting distracted or lazy as has been an issue in the past.
I have to keep it kind of a low tolerance workout for now, I had serious knee surgery last year so for now I'm looking to strength build my legs and tone everything else.  One goal is that by no later than this coming fall I will be able to enroll in a beginner's yoga class. I've always wanted to.

Thanks in advance for any support / advice ;-)
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14 March 2009 @ 01:17 am
Doing Weight Watchers? I joined Feb 19th so far i've lost 5 pounds. Still have like 35 pounds left to lose though!

Also how do you keep motivated to do cardio, i've been trying to do 30-60 minutes 6 days a week but it gets really boring! Im getting sick of listening to music! haha I dont think i could read and use an eliptical machine either not coordinated enough!
23 February 2009 @ 02:03 pm
For people that weight train:
Are there any books you found helpful/would recommend? I realize I have a lot of information at my fingertips on the internet, but quality control would be nice. Quite literally ANYONE can post ANYTHING on the internet and say its true. My experience with weights is extremely limited, so I'd like books that start with the bare bones basics and work up from there.

I'm in rehab right now for joint issues in my legs that pop up during repetitive fast stuff like cycling, so I'm looking for something to keep me sane during my down time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
02 February 2009 @ 08:49 pm
first muay thai workout in a week, due to illness (this town is a mucous chorus right now), and what happens? i puke up my nutritious, high-protein lunch as soon as i get home. it takes so much longer to unlock the front door when you're trying not to vomit. i did not, however, puke in the car or on my front lawn. serious willpower is me.

but really, it's so easy to get thrown off an exercise routine when a cold or flu hits. bah. everyone eat a damn orange and stay well. can't exercise if you can't breathe.
22 January 2009 @ 09:37 am
Has anyone else ever used these thingies?

Pretty intense.
02 January 2009 @ 05:05 am
so i tried to go outside and have a nice run this morning because my jump rope is broken. no dice. the only snow left on the ground is on the streets and sidewalks, being frozen and lying in wait to kill me.

dear bellingham: shovel some sidewalks. thanks.

i'm having a hell of a time trying to get my exercise routine going again after the holidays, but i bet i'm not the only one.