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02 January 2009 @ 05:05 am
this rant may as well go here.  
so i tried to go outside and have a nice run this morning because my jump rope is broken. no dice. the only snow left on the ground is on the streets and sidewalks, being frozen and lying in wait to kill me.

dear bellingham: shovel some sidewalks. thanks.

i'm having a hell of a time trying to get my exercise routine going again after the holidays, but i bet i'm not the only one.
(Deleted comment)
bucketofbones on January 3rd, 2009 02:57 pm (UTC)
jogging on the beach sounds so nice. i'm going to assume that you mean the sandy, warm variety of beach. i'm visualizing jogging on a beach up here, it seems like a good way to break your ankle, fall and cut open your throat on a barnacle, be eaten by crabs and covered with blackberry bushes in a week.

i jump rope for anywhere from five minutes (sideways wind and rain mornings) to twenty in the park by my house. i used to jog in the mornings, but that's so hard on the knees that one of mine would just swell up and be super uncomfortable for a week if i went a longer route than usual. i think you can get shin splints from jumping rope too much, but rubbing my shins down with liniment before and after seems to have prevented that.

what's great about jumping rope is being able to vary up the speed and since i'm not in the road it's nice to wear headphones and listen to music.